• The Prince of Tennis

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    If you have never heard of Prince of Tennis, read this page to see what it’s about.


    The Prince of Tennis is a shounen manga, written and illustrated by Konomi Takeshi. It was published in Weekly Shounen Jump for almost 9 years (July 1999 – March 2008) in a total of 42 volumes and 379 chapters.
    Since then, there have been numerous adaptions, for example an anime, a live action movie, as well as various games.


    The plot centers around Echizen Ryoma, a tennis prodigy and son of the legendary tennis professional Echizen Nanjirou.
    The family returns from the US to Japan, where Ryoma joins his new school’s (Seishun Gakuen’s) tennis club, obtaining a position as a regular player in his first year. The team participates in various tournaments, aiming for the first place at the annual National Tournament.


    Now you might wonder, why is Prince of Tennis such a popular manga?
    One of the main reasons a lot of people like it is the same reason a good amount of people hate it: the matches are completly over the top.
    The series starts with normal techniques like the Twist Serve (Ryoma’s signature move, a serve with an irregular bounce), but towards the end the players aquire various auras such as Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami (a technique that allows the user to picture how the next point will play out and develop a strategy to win that rally).
    Something to note though, is that the series is rather consistent within it’s own boundaries, so that the reader can understand why a certain technique works/doesn’t work in X situation.
    Another reason for the manga’s popularity is the art style, but I probably won’t talk about that on this blog.


    As there are more than 50 characters from the original series that return in Shin Prince of Tennis, I can’t really be bothered to make a description for all of them.
    If you are curious, please visit Fruity Explosive Translations, you can find biographies for all the characters there, as well as lots of additional information.

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