• Inui’s Notes: Kirihara


    Hello everyone, this is Kaoz with a new edition of Inui’s Notes. Some of you might remember that quite a while ago (in Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 34), Kirihara showed off two new abilities, Angel Mode and Sane Devil Mode. Since then, there has always been some confusion about how they work and what they do, so I hope this post makes it a bit more clear.
    Please note that the majority of what I am about to write was taken from Pair Puri 6 (unfortunately the respective pages have never been fully translated).


    Alright then, for starters, Kirihara can enter a total of five different modes (although only three of them have official names):
    -Red Eyes Mode
    -Muga no Kyouchi
    -Devil Mode
    -Angel Mode
    -Sane Devil Mode


    1. Red Eyes Mode
    This mode is a result of Kirihara’s weak mental abilities, he enters it when he gets angry or excited. As a result, his power and speed are starting to increase.


    2. Muga no Kyouchi
    There is not much to say about Muga. It has the same requirements as for everyone else, in other words it only activates when Kirihara is completely driven into a corner. Unlike the other known Muga users, Kirihara has never learned how to control it though, so he cannot use Muga to its fullest potential.


    3. Devil Mode
    Basically an extreme version of Red Eyes Mode. It activates when he is provoked even further and drastically increases his power and speed. On the downside, it negatively affects Kirihara’s health.


    4. Angel Mode
    Angel Mode can only be used when Kirihara is controlled by Shiraishi. There do not seem to be any boosts to his physical abilities, but his mental will not drop.


    5. Sane Devil Mode
    This last mode is described as the “ultimate evolution” of Kirihara’s mental abilities. It seems to activate when he is already using Angel Mode and is provoked. Again, this mode can only be used in combination with Shiraishi.


    That is about all the information I have from the Pair Puri, thanks to Sai for the relevant translations. Below is a short summary with activation paths.


    No mode — [Angry/Excited] -> Red Eyes Mode — [Drive into a corner] -> Muga no Kyouchi
    No mode — [Angry/Excited] -> Red Eyes Mode — [Further provoked] -> Devil Mode
    No mode — [Controlled by Shiraishi] -> Angel Mode — [Provoked] -> Sane Devil Mode


    I am not completely sure if Muga actually requires Red Eyes Mode to be activated first, but it looked like that to me from the Pair Puri RAWs. In a situation in which either Devil Mode or Muga could be activated, Devil Mode seems to take precedence though.


    That’s it for today, thanks for reading.

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