• Inui’s Notes: Kirihara


    Hello everyone, this is Kaoz with a new edition of Inui’s Notes. Some of you might remember that quite a while ago (in Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 34), Kirihara showed off two new abilities, Angel Mode and Sane Devil Mode. Since then, there has always been some confusion about how they work and what they do, so I hope this post makes it a bit more clear.
    Please note that the majority of what I am about to write was taken from Pair Puri 6 (unfortunately the respective pages have never been fully translated).
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  • Inui’s Notes: FuuRinKaZan

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    Welcome to Inui’s Notes
    A series in which I talk about various aspects of Shin Prince of Tennis, such as techniques, strategies or players.


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  • 1st Stringer Matches


    As you might have noticed, I didn’t post anything in the past few weeks (not that I updated regularly before, but oh well), mostly because translating the chapters into German is kinda useless and I didn’t really enjoy doing the review either. So, in the end I figured I might just as well talk a bit about the recent chapters and see how that goes.


    Note: The following contains spoilers if you have not yet read Shin Prince of Tennis up to chapter 58.


    Alright, so I want to talk a bit about the newly introduced High Schoolers, No. 11-20 of the 1st String and how I think the current matches will play out.

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